The Questions Method: The Language of the Solution Focused Approach

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The Solution Focused Approach is challenging to master, and doing so requires practice as well as an intentional focus on the question process. Not just the questions, but the process. Hence, why I refer to solution focused brief therapy as The Questions Method.

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My goal for this site is to create a place where those interested in the Solution Focused Approach will be able to always access materials that will help you master The Questions Method.

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“My greatest passions are to bring awareness to the efficacy of the Solution Focused Approach through research, train clinicians and other professionals to effectively implement this approach in their work, and to demonstrate that this approach has dynamic implications in couples therapy.”

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I am very confident the most common question I have received over the years starts with “How do you use SFBT with…..? I love getting this question because it lets me know the person the asking me is taking their work seriously and really meaning to implement the approach in their work. However, I have never […]

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SFBT, An Act of Resistance

Elliott Connie - January 13, 2018 - Solution Focused Therapy

This video is not my typical sort of message, but there was something on my mind that I had to share. I just could not stay quiet as I think the Solution Focused community has a responsibility to spread hope in the current world. I hope this video can be my small part of living […]

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One Tip to Help You Listen Differently in Session

Elliott Connie - January 6, 2018 - Solution Focused Therapy

Discovering client exceptions and resources has always been a part of the Solution Focused Approach. I this video share one tip that will help you become more able to identify a client strength, resource or exception in session. Hope you like it.

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My Annual NYE Solution Focused Ritual

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As this year comes a close, I am excited for what the next year will bring. But, before I can transition into a new year, I have to take a look back on 2017. Here’s how I do that each year.

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