Always Remember, We Are Too Hard On Ourselves

Posted by Elliott Connie - November 4, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 5 Comments

This week I worked with a couple that reminded me of an important lesson. It occurred during their second session, which started off kind of rocky. Then, amazing happened and I had a realization. In this video I share what hit me and how it could help you too.

  • Janice Greyhawk

    I thought we would see the actual session…

    • Elliott Connie

      Only in my courses. I don’t have permission to share any of my training tapes on social media. However, in my courses you can see them.

  • Wanda Carter

    Great opening question, will use it – I tend to say – how have you been this week which doesn’t really allow for the same response! and their own a-ha moments.! We think progress has to be big and noticeable but often it is all the little changes that make the real difference!
    Thanks Elliot!!

    • Elliott Connie

      Glad you liked it Wanda! You are so right, little changes are often the ones that make the biggest difference.

  • eyes_wide_open

    This is really brilliant. It would be so easy to lose confidence in the “solution focus” and feel one needs to follow the “What got worse”. Heartening to hear that you could respectfully continue with strength based questions and the couple found teh strengths! Lesson: Don’t cave under pressure.

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