At Your Best

Posted by Elliott Connie - December 23, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 10 Comments

It is this idea that separates Solution Focused practice from traditional practices of psychotherapy. Being at your best is can be key to accomplishing a major task and is what this video is all about. Also, I get a bit personal in this video.

  • Myrna Noble

    “At Your Best”…. leading the discussion with this is so inspiring. I have become more aware of my language & moving the discussion away from problem focused. Thank you for the posts and wealth of information! May the challenges you are facing be temporary & gentle and only strengthen you in your journey!

    • Elliott Connie

      Hey Myrna, I am so glad you are finding my materials helpful. Thank you also for the kind words and support. You have no idea how much that means to me!

  • Becky Botts

    I love the idea of amplifying the client so the problem shrinks rather than amplifying the problem so the client shrinks! Thanks for keeping on thinking about what you do and articulating it for us. Very helpful! You and your challenge are in our prayers. Merry Christmas and may the peace of Christ surround you and your family today.
    Dan and Becky

    • Elliott Connie

      I adore you guys! Thank you so much for your prayers.

  • john

    I really like the idea of using the phrase at your best because it is simple and easily understood . Nice video blog Elliot! Looking forward to seeing you in February!

    • Elliott Connie

      Glad you like it John! I can wait until February!

  • Ramachandran Iyer

    The instructional video is a valuable coaching moment for me. Timely on New Year’s eve. Here is a link to a dialogue map I created

    • Elliott Connie

      That is such a cool map. I will have to share it!

  • Catherine Miller

    I found this to be a brilliant summary Elliot. It got me thinking about the team of staff I lead who work with medically compromised / quite ill/ fragile people. During 2018 I am going to encourage a whole new team framework of practice which will focus upon “at your best” – in every context. I believe the impact of this could bring about significant changes to the quality of lives of the patients and families. I see some fascinating conversations ahead.
    Thankyou for your clarity.

    • Elliott Connie

      You’re so welcome Catherine. I am so glad you liked it and that you will carry this with you into 2018!

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