What to Do When the Client Does Not Follow the SFBT Script

Posted by Elliott Connie - July 22, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 4 Comments

Using the Solution Focused Approach in session is often a challenge, even for professionals with loads of experience. This is because clients often do not follow the SFBT script. They can respond to our questions with responses about problems or in other ways that make continuing along the SFBT line of questioning difficult. It is not their responsibility to answer better, it is up us (the professional) to be skilled enough to use their responses to craft the next question in the sequence. In this video I share the most important phrase to help keep the conversation going when the client takes you off the script.

  • Karin Brauner

    I like that – from problem to “instead” in order to find a better place for the client to do life!

    • Elliott Connie

      Glad you like it Karen!

  • Ellen Sande

    I love the conceptualization of “What would you like instead of x, y or z?” This gives the therapist a clear pivot point, using the patient’s own language for positive change. I look forward to hearing more on this! Thanks Elliott!!

    • Elliott Connie

      I’m so glad you liked it Ellen!

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