What About Those Clients That Don’t Have Any Strengths?

Posted by Elliott Connie - October 28, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 4 Comments

This work is tough, there is no doubt. We talk to clients when they are really struggling and, in some cases, they don’t even want to be talking to us. In other cases, the strengths we are supposed to highlight in SFBT are hard to find. This leads to a common question, what clients that don’t have strengths? Well, the answer is clear and that’s what this video is all about.

  • Fredy

    Dear Elliott,
    I like such touching resource-storys as the wallstreet banker from the prison. I‘m looking for resouces like this in me.
    Thank you very much. Fredy Emch-Zielinska Switzerland

    • Elliott Connie

      I am glad you liked this story Fredy and I am sure you have stories like this within you!

  • Anne Hagen

    Nice– “Getting to talk to people at their very best while they are feeling at their worst and helping become more aware of their best traits and who they really are.” No wonder you are so enthusiastic about your work!

    • Elliott Connie

      Yes! It is very easy to get excited about this way of working!

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