How to Ensure Your SFBT Questions Are Meaningful

Posted by Elliott Connie - October 1, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 4 Comments

If you’re not careful, people can sometimes experience your SFBT questions as mundane. Sometimes clients will openly ask “what’s the point of this” as they go through an SFBT session. In this week’s video I share how to ensure your questions are more likely to be experienced by the client as meaningful. Thus, being more likely to help the client accomplish change.

  • john

    Very pithy and cogent explaination. I like the part about using the client’s language in crafting the answer. I wonder if using their preferred representational system (NLP) would add to it

    • Elliott Connie

      Hi John, thanks for he comment and I am glad you liked that part of the video. I am not familiar enough with NLP to know about the “preferred representational”, can you say more about that?

  • Sieds Rienks

    My comment and answer to your question is authenticity. I am really interested in the client, my questions do origin in his/ her answers , and are an iterative progress on what the client develops in his/ her own process. The art is not only to have the most wonderful questions, the art is also to put the questions in an authentic, positive and neutral way. With neutral I mean that i am not asking for a good or bad answer, but for an answer that is showing the clients own working on the development of his question.

    • Elliott Connie

      Very well said. I especially like your point about making sure your questions come from authentic place. Thanks for sharing.

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