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There is a Japanese art form that takes something broken and transforms it into something beautiful. Hearing about this made me think of the Solution Focused Brief Therapy and the way we treat people. This video is all about a way to treat people that honors their beauty and the impact that has on them.

  • Bobbi Jankovich

    Hello Elliot; I really enjoy your work! I teach postmodernism (and emerging theories) to MFTs in their graduate program and I often use the metaphor of Kintsugi or Kintsukuroi. I have been using it when I talk about compassion fatigue and self-care for the clinician, but you’ve really inspired me to introduce it earlier in the semester during my Solution-Focused section. I will make sure to use you as a source! Thank you again!

    • Elliott Connie

      Thank you so much for your support and kind words Bobbi. Isn’t this art form beautiful!? I hope your students enjoy both the art and the metaphor.

  • Janette Strokappe

    It is a beautiful metaphor. How wonderful to see people as whole and beautiful rather than as broken

    • Elliott Connie

      Thanks for the comment Janette, I wish we could see the beauty in people always.

  • Greg Sumpter

    Thanks Elliott for the introduction to me of this type of art and the analogy. Fascinating. It reminds me of the power of language. I’m not sure exactly who to attribute this to – maybe Daniel Goleman (emotional intelligence) –

    When we reflect people’s noble stories – their best selves –
    to them, that’s typically how they’ll show up.
    I appreciate the way you keep showing up.

    • Elliott Connie

      I love what you said about reflecting on people’s noble stories. I may have to steal that!

  • Becky Botts

    Yes. I had thought it would be a terrific enterprise for returning citizens (former felons) to create. I only need a monied benefactor to build a ceramic factory!
    (broken lives made new and beautiful!)

    • Elliott Connie

      If only someone would donate the gold, what an idea!

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