A Macro Desired Outcome

Posted by Elliott Connie - August 20, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 15 Comments

The Solution Focused Approach is remarkable, I am absolutely convinced of this. In fact, I think it is so impactful we should not limit this approach to sessions. Perhaps, taking the most important perspective from this approach and applying it globally is what is needed in the times we live in, that is what this video is about.

  • Lynne L Tracy

    As individuals, I think the base lies in our values and how our lives reflect those values.

    • Elliott Connie

      Very true Lynne, I just hope more people can follow their true values more consistently.

  • Janette Strokappe

    Elliott is always a voice of reason in a crazy world. Much appreciated

    • Elliott Connie

      Thanks for saying that Janette.

  • Barnett J. Weiss Bud

    We need a set of powerful tools that communities and larger groups like cities, states, and even nations can use to achieve consensus about desired outcomes and preferred futures with more local enactments of sociodramas based on that consensus. Jacob L.Moreno, MD the creator of group psychotherapy, Sociometry, Sociodrama , and Psychodrama all combined in the science he named as sociatry which addressed this very thing back in the early 1900s. Without a basic science that allows for the group, community, nation to become self observant actually based on the desired outcome of all the individuals involved collected and used as a basis for action, the driving force of what moreno detailed as the soviodynamic effect will continue to drive everything. It basically outlines the inevitable drive that has those who have power most often reflected in $$$$ gaining more and more people choosing those powerful sociometric stars especially in a unregulated capitalism culture. It can also occur though choice of actors like the enormous association of people choosing to join with Dr. King, or in the recent primaries, the huge gathering around Bernie sanders.
    The great danger is that a star like Dr. King or Bernie and so many others through history become a threat to the more powerful and they will be eliminated one way or other. However, if starting at a local level, forums are developed in every community to establish desired outcomes including those of the alt right, secondary or even primary desired outcomes can be found to build a consensus.
    Even in voting which has been proposed many times, weighted voting allows for much better outcomes.
    Using sociometric actions, we find that the second choices combined with the first choices lead to the most potent leadership. As an example, those who chose Clinton 1st would have a second choice by and large of Bernie while those who chose Bernie first would not have chosen clintonnsecond but rather some other one of the candidates closer to Bernie’s actions.

    • Barnett J. Weiss Bud

      Sociodynamic effect I meant

      • Elliott Connie

        Hey Bud, I always enjoy your comments and insights. You have such a wealth of experience and knowledge I can always count on you to make point clearly and use amazing examples to demonstrate your point.

  • Becky Botts

    We are so grateful to be learning SFBT from you, Elliot, because of your genuine love and caring for people. Dan and my motto is to “Finish Strong” and that, for us, means to use whatever time we have left to intentionally live to help make the world a better place. We have found you and the people associated with you have all been of the highest caliber in wanting to co-create a better world.

    • Elliott Connie

      And I am grateful for you guys! Thank you for you kindness and support.

  • Mike Bishop

    A friend of mine, Gary Jones, has written a book: “Don’t be stupid; the four rules to simplify your life.” On NCIS there are “Gibbs Rules”. There are “The Moscow Rules.”
    I am working on “Bishop’s Rules”. Here they are so far:
    1. Everybody counts or nobody counts
    2. Everyone be responsible for their own decisions and actions
    3. Always work towards solutions

    • Elliott Connie

      I think the world needs more Bishop’s rules!

  • Chris Ward

    Yes we can!
    The dream lives on.

    • Elliott Connie

      Yes we can!

  • Valerie Wise

    Elliott, I like how you put your comments: “This can’t be our desired outcomes?’
    Here is my belief from the Bible: Galatians 5: 13-14 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another. For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.

    • Elliott Connie

      Hi Valerie, thanks for your comment!

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