How Many Fingers Do You See?

Posted by Elliott Connie - September 2, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 7 Comments

In one of my favorite movies there is a very touching scene where some approaches the main character and asks “How many fingers”? Eventually, the message is revealed to the main character and it changes his life. In this short video I will show how this relates to the Solution Focused Approach and, hopefully, have an impact on your life as well.

  • Eugenia Savvidou

    Dear Elliott, thank you for your inspiring video. I’m very new as psychotherapist, but I firmly believe that the key for successful sessions is to make the consultant understand your philosophy, your approach’s philosophy, to make him “see” things from your “glasses”. And for me, that part is the most exciting, looking behind every technic and action you use, for the purpose and the meaning of its existance. I think that every curriculum at psychology field should start from philosophy’s lessons. At the end, what makes the difference in our work, is the way we think about human, society and life.

    • Elliott Connie

      Hey there Eugenia, thanks of the comment. I like you comment about knowing the way we think about humans, society and life! Well said.

  • john

    I just got done watching Cloud Atlas. I think what you are talking about that goes beyond the techniques of SFBT is in that movie. There is an opus that is playing constantly in the background of all our lives that we are tasked with connecting people to who have lost the tune.

    • Elliott Connie

      Hi John, I will have to watch that movie, sounds interesting!

  • Jesse Thompson

    Elliot, do you use SFBT exclusively at this point? Have you found there are any clients for which SFBT is not the best fit?

    • john

      Just had to respond to this. At first I found myself relying on my old pathways when helping clients. I think that is OK but what you are going to find is as you explore SBFT and begin to incorporate it into your practice you will find you rely less on your old patterns

    • Elliott Connie

      Yes, I do use SFBT exclusively. According to research, there has yet to be a population that does not respond positively to SFBT. That is also congruent to my own practice, I haven’t seen any client type that does not respond well to this approach.

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