How to Never Get Stuck In Session

Posted by Elliott Connie - June 2, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 10 Comments

The Solution Focused Approach is a question based approach so thus, a professional using this approach must be proficient at asking questions throughout the session. In this short video I share the key using this approach without getting stuck without knowing the question to ask in session.

  • meyer7939

    The example you gave me of the client not wanting to be there was one that hit home because I work with domestic violence offenders that don’t want to be in my office and voice it. You gave a great example of where a clinician should go with that. That’s where I usually get stuck. Thank you so much!

    • Elliott Connie

      You’re so welcome! So many people get stuck when the client does not “cooperate”, but the SFBT approach is adept for these scenarios.

  • Juliette Young

    Thank you Elliott, that was a really helpful reminder of how to do SFBT effectively!

    • Elliott Connie

      That makes me so happy Juliette!

  • Janette Strokappe

    Thank you very much Elliott. I appreciate these resources very much as I feel it is a very effective approach.

    • Elliott Connie

      You’re very welcome Janette! I agree this approach is very effective, at times, I am not sure many people in the field know just how effective this approach truly is.

  • Reed

    Thanks, Elliott! I especially like the use of your word “fluency”. Dr. Lynn Johnson used to suggest that we watch some of the legal shows that were on TV at the time (a long time ago), because the attorneys in the shows always had questions they could ask when one didn’t produce a good response from the person on the stand. That’s a good practice we could adopt to keep fluent as we probe for a response that might suggest a better outlook for the client.

    • Elliott Connie

      You’re welcome Reed! What an interesting idea about the legal shows!

  • Barbara Turman

    Thanks, Elliot! The video was very helpful. I with substance abuse clients and many are mandated, so I am stuck often. I am MFT Intern, so I am new to the field. Do you have any recommended resources I can purchase, that will assist me in SFT with this population?

    • Elliott Connie

      Hey Barbara, I am glad you liked the video and welcome to the field! Yes, the best thing to do, in my humble opinion, is to join The SFU. There is a special rate this week, here is the link

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