The Power of Hope and Expectancy

Posted by Elliott Connie - August 5, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 10 Comments

Learning to use the Solution Focused Approach effectively is as much about inspiration as it is information. This is because only the inspired person will be able to stick to it in session when the content gets tough. This video is about an experience that occurred early in my career that inspires me to this day. It is about an early experience that taught me just how truly capable people can be.

  • Valerie Wise

    This was an inspiring story because it reinforces that while there is life, there is hope. Thank you Elliott.

    • Elliott Connie

      Thanks for the comment Valerie! There is always hope! Always!

  • Geoffrey James

    Thanks Elliott. Same for me – I’ve seen people do things like Bill did and they stay with me as the foundation of my SF work. Also thanks for reminding me of the power of video in talking about SFBT. Best wishes, Geoff

    • Elliott Connie

      Glad you liked the video Geoffrey!

  • Anne Hagen

    Hmmm. What else can we do? How simple. Expect more and find more. Thank you!

    • Elliott Connie

      You’re welcome Anne!

  • Greg Sumpter

    A powerful story to illustrate the principle of expectancy.

    • Elliott Connie

      Glad you liked it Greg!

  • Priscilla Sheridan Roberson

    This video inspired me to be more aware of my own expectations when working with client challenges. Additionally, listening to your videos about how past experiences influence your practice of SFBT, I’m curious (as a LMFT and systemically trained therapist) if I should adjust my thinking away from viewing clients systemicly to utilize this method effectively.

    • Elliott Connie

      Hey Priscilla, I am glad my video has caused you to think about your practice. I think we think about our clients systemically, but in a different way.

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