The Miracle Within the Miracle Question

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Though it doesn’t seem that long ago, it was more than 20 years ago that I learned that every person was a miracle. In this video I share how I learned this lesson and how it became so critical to my work as a Solution Focused professional.

So I’ve got the pleasure today of lecturing at my Alma
Mater, a place where I got my degree, a Texas Wesleyan University on it’s
lunchtime. So I went for a walk around the campus and this is a funny thing. So
I’m quite nostalgic guy. And in this building is where a lot of ways I could
even say my solution focused journey started. I was taking a human development
class, you know, look young 18 year old kid, freshman in college, taking a
human development class. And I remember we were talking about reproduction, you
know, human development starting at the point of conception and we were talking
about reproduction and they showed like the inside of a woman’s reproductive
organs and the Spiderman swinging towards the egg and the egg being fertilized and
being released and floating down the tube, getting stuck on the side of the
wall. The whole process related to being a, to becoming pregnant.

And I remember watching that video and thinking in order
for a person to get pregnant, like nine miracles have to happen in a row for a
pregnancy to successfully happen, let alone be carried to term. And uh, as an
18 year old kid, I was watching this and I said to my professor like how
amazing it was that any human being gets born, and the professor said, yes, Elliot.
That’s why you should never forget, every human you means is the result of a
miracle. Every person you meet is a walking, talking miracle. And I never
forgot that. And now as I’m walking around the campus, a teaching about roof
there for today, it reminds me that for example, when we asked the miracle
question, not only is it important that you word the question appropriately in
terms of the miracle question and, and, and you can sleep at night, the miracle
happened that solves your problems and what they will notice or whatever
iteration you want to ask.

It’s also important that you remember that the person
you’re talking to is a miracle who is capable of more miracles. Because if you
don’t ask from that perspective, then the question is just a question. So I
want to really encourage you and I want to really implore you to treat every
single client as if they are walking, talking miracle. Because it’s going to
make your work as a solution focused therapist, more efficient, more effective,
and it’s going to make your languaging of the miracle question and all of the
questions actually associated with solution focused. Brief therapy is going to
make them more convenient because again, it’s not just important that we use
the techniques. It’s also important that we have the proper mindset as we use
the language associated with these questions, so never forget that your client
is a walking, talking miracle who is capable of more miracles and it’s going to
influence the way you talk to. It’s going to influence what you ask them the
miracle question, so carry that with you and remember everybody you mean from
this point forward is a walking, talking miracle, and treat them as such.
Thanks for watching this video. Please give me a like give me shared. Leave a
comment. I love hearing and interacting with people in the comment section and
I look forward to seeing you in the next video and never forget you are just
one question away from making a difference in someone’s life. I’ll see you

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