The True Essence of the Miracle Question

Posted by Elliott Connie - May 26, 2017 - Solution Focused Therapy - 2 Comments

The Miracle Question is one of the most important questions within the Solution Focused Approach. It is also commonly misunderstood, thus misused in session. In this video I talk about the true essence of the this question and how to use to develop a detailed preferred future description with your client.

  • Thanks for explaining this Elliot, and in such a such a clear and concise way, and thanks for all you useful tips on SFBT. I have started experimenting with your approach to SFBT in my private practice, early days yet, but I have started to get some good results, so you may have me sold on this therapeutic model. My greatest challenge so far in using SFBT is when I try to implement this approach with mandated clients with complex needs who I am meant to help move towards being more job ready. When I ask about there best hopes for our time together, they tend to say they have no idea, and go on to tell me how they just want a job and how they are tired of getting rejections. Do you think Elliot that this approach can still work in this setting, especially when there isn’t a lot of work in the area?

    • Elliott Connie

      Hey Debbie, thanks for the comment and I am so glad you enjoy the materials that I share. The situation you are referring to is definitely a tough one, regardless of what therapy approach is being used. Because the client has a finite (and out of their control) desire for how they want therapy to help them. However, I think SFBT is actually best suited for situations such as these due to the fact that focus would shift to something the client does have control over and alleviate the helpless feeling that comes along with these sort of scenarios.

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